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Here you will find:
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You want to become a reseller for WiMo?

No problem!
WiMo offers attractive resale conditions for professional resellers and dealers. But there are some requirements we would like to see met:

  • You must run this business as your main occupation, not as a side job
  • We are looking for a minimum order level of 300,00 Euro at the initial order
  • We are looking for a minimum order level of ca. 2500,00 Euro within 12 months
  • As an international customer you can pay by credit card or pre payment; dealer customers in Austria can choose to pay by direct debit from a bank account.
Do you think these minimum order levels are realistically achieveable? If so we are pleased to hear from you.

What we need for a successful dealer registration:
  • An official document showing your company registration
  • You VAT-ID (if located in the EU)
  • If you want to pay your bills by SEPA process, please contact us.
  • Your contact details such as
    • Billing adress
    • Shipping adress
    • Contact person
    • Telephone, Fax, website and email
Please send all documents to WiMo, attn. Mr Plicht, or by fax to +49-7276-966811 or to this .

After checking the submitted documents you will receive all necessary information and your customer number. We reserve the right to reject any application. Please see also our general terms and conditions (AGB.

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Am Gaexwald 14
D-76863 Herxheim
Tel +49-7276 - 96680
Fax +49-7276 - 6978