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About WiMo

If you are in a hurry

WiMo is a specialist dealer and manufacturer for HF radios systems, and antennas. Here you can find amateur radio rigs, accesories and antennas, WiFi antenna systems, ready made cables and components. Regardless whether your are enduser, dealer or OEM, whether in Germany or worldwirde - we are happy to serve you.

A litte bit more extensive

WiMo offers you the high flexibility and good reliability which you have come to expect from a small German company. 40 employees (four of them experienced radio amateurs) are ready to serve you in sales, development and production to handle your request fast and reliably. Of course custom developments and series manufacturing is possible.

Regardless whether you are an enduser who needs a single part, or an OEM requiring a custom series of telescopic antennas or a dealer seeking to extend the WiFi service - at WiMo you will find what you are looking for.

You can order at your leisure in our webshop. The WiMo website does not only offer a secure means to order but also a lot of useful information concerning the products. On the phone and by email you can be sure to receive advice and help on product selection. And if you are in the vicinity you are invited to visit our large showroom. Here you will find nearly all current amateur rigs and lot's of accessories. Practical tests and comparisions are possible with the permanently installed antennas.

Your shipment leaves here daily by German Post (DHL), GLS, DPD or UPS, ensuring a timely and secure delivery. With around 2100m² storage and production area we make sure that the right products are available on time.

On various tradeshows and events you have the opportunity to meet the WiMo crew. We exhibit regularly at CeBit in Hannover (early March, only commercial antenna systems, no hamradio products). Further you are invited to visit WiMo at our barbeque party in spring, or during our 'open house' in autumn.

The full story

WiMo presented itself to the public for the first time in 1982 with a 9 sqm booth at the 'Ham Radio' trade show. We offered antennas for handheld radios, as well as our own development and manufacturing an RF millivolt meter and a graphical additional circuit for the then quite well known BASIC computer TRS-80.

In 1983 the company moved from Ulm to Karlsruhe, all company activities happened in the shed on the house, while the warehouse was located in the former pigsty ...

1985 the next move to Herxheim. There was now at least 100 square meters of commercial space in the annex under the terrace and in the basement. However, the alu saw found her space only in the double garage ...

Because the Company grew constantly (and because eventually the neighbors complained about the noise ...), in 1992 renting a hall with 300 square meters in the industrial area of Herxheim was finally inevitable. During this time the companies ANDES, Hofmeister and finally the production of 'SHF antenna design' were bought. All those produced antennas, so it was an ideal complement to the current delivery range.

Besides antennas and accessories WiMo started production of custom-designedelectronic equipment. For example, about 300 units per year of on-board electronics for a high-end motorhome with display unit had been produced after 1992.

In 1995, the company moved into our new building with 700sqm of floor space. Too small again, in 1998 the first annex was built. We then had over 1000 square meters of production area, office, showroom and warehouse. In March 2000, we acquired the complete antenna production of the worldwide well-known company ZX-YYAGI.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the company continued to grow, new employees were hired. In spring 2005, another extension was planned which was completed about May 2006. Floorspace for production, warehousing and shipping has expanded to approximately 1300m2 now.

Currently the company has around 30 employees. We are focusing on distribution and production of antennas, transceivers and all kinds of accessories for both Amateur and commercial Radio, also OEM. Further, we supply a huge range of Wifi and other communication antennas and accessories like cable assemblies and connectors to both industrial customers and endusers.

Our Team

Managing Director

Mr. Junge is responsible for procurement, otherwise he occupies himself with things managing directors usually do. As an active radio amateur he leaves for a small DX-pedition or contest at least once a year.
Warehouse, shipping

At least half a day we can enjoy the support of Ms Hoffmann in the shipping department and in the office.

Ms. John is one of the friendly voices on the phone and helps you with product selection.
Bookkeeping, Accounting

You will meet Ms Viertel when we have to remind you of payments, so hopefully never :-)
Sales, Procurement

As a buyer Mr Markus Junge is responsible for always full stocks. And the rest of the time he sells the just arrived goods again on the phone.
Warehouse, Shipping

When your goods are packed very well - that's Ms Mamets merit. She packs the valuable products with great care and supervises all shipping.
Workshop, production

Since 2009 Mr Özkara is responsible for the production and work shop.

Even more advice via phone sales comes from Ms Pfaffmann. She talks to you, our customer, and enters orders into the inventory management system.
Ekki Plicht, DF4OR
Sales, techn. support, webmaster

Mr Plicht's focus is on WiFi/wireless LAN and on keeping the website up to date. With amateur radio he is a big fan of CW and RTTY, mostly in contests and small expeditions.
Ronny Wernecke, DK3UO
Sales, techn. support

Ronny Wernecke has started early 2012 at WiMo. He supports our customers on the phone and in the shop. He is an active radio amateur on shortwave, you can meet him in SSB and some contests.
Service and Support

If a rig is broken and can be repaired - he is the right man for the job. Even soldering tiny SMD parts is no problem for Mr Schmenger. His endless patience is useful when giving advice to customers, as well as for training the staff.

Another friendly voice on the phone is Mr Stuebinger. He also helps you on product selection in our shop.

Master (mistress) of the cables. No coax cable passes her by without getting a connector attached.

With her sharp tongue she would be ideal in sales as well. But also at bending dipoles in the right shape she performs well.
WiMo Mitarbeiter Gruppenfoto 2016 WiMo Gruppenfoto 2016

Security trainings for all employees are always a good opportunity to get all or most of our colelagues on pne picture. Some few colleagues were absent that day, but we got most. More than 30 people... wow :)

Virtual Tour through our premises

You have never visited WiMo personally? Now you can - We invite you to take a virtual tour:
Virtual tour WiMo

Building extension 2005

Bild WiMo-Neubau 2005

Since we ran out of space for production and storage, we decided to build an extension to our current building. In total we will expand by approx 300m² space for shipping, storage and offices. During the construction phase we kindly ask for your understanding and apologize for any inconveniences.

Bild WiMo-Neubau 2005

Jan. 2006: The building works are more or less finished, as well as the shuffling around of various areas internally. Now we have lots more space and possibilities for the warehouse and shipping department. Why don't you take a look at our premises at one of our open house events?

May 2006: And this is how the entire building looks today. The hall to the right is the new extension. So now we have more than 1300 m² for warehouse, assembly, offices, sales and shipping at your service.

Luftaufnahme WiMo 2006
Aerial view WiMo Herxheim 2006
(Click for larger picture)

Service at WiMo

We offer service (repairs, modifications etc.) for all products and manufacturers sold by us. Our lab is equipped with all required tools and instruments, work on SMD components is also possible. In case of repairs we work closely with the various manufacturers concerning documentation and spare parts. Not every repair is done in house, in some cases (e.g. during warranty periods) we rely on manufacturer's repair service.

Lab with network analyser, oscilloscope, radio service
instrument, spectrum analser etc.
Enough space for soldering works, be it by hot air
or classical, and of course lead-free...

If you are interested in our repair service, we kindly ask you to ask in advance if a repair is possible at all. For some older rigs we can't get the documentation or spare parts. For enquiries please send an email to Thanks!


  • WiMo is the exclusive representative of the following companies
  • Angelucci, Italy (Steel towers)
  • Anytone , China (Radios, accessories)
  • Arlan, USA (Headsets)
  • bhi Ltd, UK (DSP speakers, modules)
  • BTV, (HF antennas)
  • Byonics, USA (Radio Accessories)
  • CG, China (Antenna tuners)
  • Ciro Mazzoni Radiocommunicazioni, Italy (Magnetic Loop Antennas)
  • DIAMOND Antenna Co., Japan (Antennas and accessories)
  • ELAD s.r.l., Italy, Software Defined Radio FDM-77
  • EZHang, USA
  • GAP Antenna Products, USA (HF antennas)
  • Giovannini, Italy (Monster rotators, HF professional antennas)
  • InnovAntennas (HF, VHF/UHF Antennas, UK)
  • microHAM, Slovakia (CAT-Interfaces, antenna switches, band decoder, USB Interfaces)
  • Microset, Italy (power supplies, power amps, pre amps)
  • MRS Mini Radio Solutions, Italy (mini-VNA)
  • MOSLEY electronics, USA (HF beams)
  • Peet Bros., USA (Weather stations)
  • RF inquiry Inc., Japan (Common mode filters)
  • Sistel, Italy (CIAO-Radio SDR)
  • Ultrabeam, Italy (HF Beams)
  • W1GEE Products, USA (CAT- and CW Interfaces)
  • W4RT Electronics, USA (Accessories for HF rigs)
  • Wavenode, USA (SWR meter)
  • West Mountain Radio, USA (Rigblaster soundboard interfaces, DC panels)
  • ZX-Yagi (HF monoband beams)
  • Further we supply products of the following companies
  • ACECO,TW (frequency counters, near field receivers)
  • ACOM, Bulgaria (HF Power Amplifier, Antennas)
  • Airnav Systems, USA (Virtual Radar)
  • Alphadelta, USA (coax switches)
  • Ameritron, USA (Coax switches, amplifier)
  • Bencher, USA (Antennas, Morse keys)
  • Bonito, Germany (Radio control software)
  • Buddipole, USA (HF portable antennas)
  • Butternut, USA (HF antennas)
  • Cushcraft, USA (HF antennas)
  • DAIWA, Japan (SWR meter)
  • HEIL Sound Ltd., USA (headsets, microphones)
  • Hustler, USA (Mobile-, Vertical Antennas HF)
  • HyGain, USA (Rotors)
  • ICOM, Germany (Radios and accessories)
  • KENWOOD Germany (Radios and accessories)
  • KENT engineers, UK (Morse keys)
  • LDG Electronics Inc., USA (Antenna tuners)
  • Miracle Antennas, Canada (antennas for HF rigs)
  • MFJ, USA (Antenna tuners and accessories)
  • ACOM, Slovakia (HF Power Amplifier)
  • Poynting, Republic of South Africa (Antennas)
  • SCS GmbH, Germany (Pactor Controller)
  • SSB Elektronik, Germany (Pre amps for amateur and WiFi use)
  • SPID, Poland (Antenna rotators)
  • Spiderbeam, Germany (HF antennas)
  • Spieth, Germany (portable antenna mast)
  • SSB Elektronik, Germany (Pre-amps, amateur and WiFi)
  • SteppIR, USA (Fluidmotion Inc., HF Antennas)
  • Super Antennas, USA (Antennas for HF rigs)
  • Svenska Antennspecialisten (Smarteq), Sweden (WiFi/WLAN Antennas)
  • Tarheel, USA (HF mobile antennas)
  • YAESU Co., Japan (Radios and accessories)
  • Vibroplex, USA (Morse Keys)
  • and many more