Oh no... we did not find anything

That's bad, really.

Here are some tips for a more precise search

Search with wildcards '*'
The character '*' has a special function, it stands for multiple characters. Example:
- Search for Pro* finds all words beginning with 'pro...'. I.e. Proxim, Proset, professional etc.
This yields possibly very much results, which you can then refine.

Typo? No problem...
The WiMo search engine checks for simple spelling errors and suggest the probably correct spelling of the word (Did you mean...). But you can still insist on searching for the term jus tas you spelled it.

Search with diacritical characters
Not used very often in some languages, but the WiMo search engine handles diacritical marks (Umlaute) like 'ä' or 'à' or 'ø without problems. They are replaced by a normalized and simpler equivaent which is then search (and found hopefully).

Ignore capitalization
You do not have to care about capitalization (CAPTIAL letters), the search is equivalent for 'ANTENNA' as well as 'antenna'.

A search is is performed only on the laguage pages you have currently selected. So if you are on the english language website of WiMo, only search results from these pages will be found. If you need to search for a term in another language, please select the language first.

Incremental word suggestions
If you type slowly, the search engine will start suggesting terms when at least two letters have been entered. These suggested terms are fed from the keywords of the all WiMo web pages (in the currently selected language). Hopefully the keywords will already have what you are looking for.

Help us improve!
Still not found what you are looking for? Let us know, and we will see to improve the search function.

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